Modern Intranet for your company

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Modern Intranet for your company

Inläggav fruta » fre dec 13, 2019 16:51

Modern Intranet for your company
Speed and ease of communication - social networks like Facebook are used to it. It is thanks to them that we are gradually moving away from emails. Just leave a message on our profile to contact your friends and get their opinion. Its effectiveness is followed by freedom of communication - Facebook often proves that it can organize its users on a massive scale. Now imagine that the efficiency and speed of social networks meet the standards of your company! Bitrix24 is a tool that can do this.

Main panel / Bulletin Board
The main panel is where all changes made to the system are displayed. You log in and already know what's going on in the company. What's more, each employee can personalize the settings according to their duties and responsibilities. He decides what news, announcements and changes he wants to watch and what discussions to participate in. The main panel also allows you to quickly share files.

I like it! - immediate response
The Bulletin Board is a solution based on proven Facebook solutions. Users have the ability to add comments, Express their opinion in the form of well-known "likes", follow the topics that are particularly interesting to them. All this is to ensure that the flow of information in the company ceased to be a problem. It is also important that the solutions available in Bitrix24 facilitate employee integration and build a sense of community.

The number of likes affects the search results. Re-liked material will be displayed in the search list first and it is easy to find.

Bitrix 24 combines many features of popular instruments. This allows you to conduct personal and business correspondence, as well as set up new employee profiles.

Instant Messenger allows users to communicate easily and quickly without logging out or using other messengers.

A motivated employee is a good employee! Badges are a great motivational tool that can serve as an element of recognition for other colleagues.

The reward can be visible to all users, parts of them, or only to a selected person. Appears on the main panel and in the personal account of the employee.

Advertising! Everywhere and taking into account ...
Bitrix24 is not a mailbox, here important messages are not lost at sea.

The ad will be marked in green and will appear in the upper right corner of the main panel. Thanks to the built-in counter, you will be able to see how many people marked the message as read.

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Re: Modern Intranet for your company

Inläggav kareba » lör dec 14, 2019 12:52

For those who are not a fan of rugby, Scrum is a group of heavyweight people who fight against each other to get a small, oblong, whitish ball. Since business managers consider this behavior inappropriate in production teams, they use the Scrum project management method. Project managers use this project management method to change the design of a product or system from scratch. Teams can drop outdated assumptions and organizational habits by taking a fresh look at the company's offerings and completely reworking them.

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Re: Modern Intranet for your company

Inläggav Zebetta » sön dec 15, 2019 12:55

I want to say that the company may now not purchase a package of office programs for each employee separately. Bitrix24 is integrated with the online services Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online, which allows you to freely work with all popular file formats. Bitrix24 cloud storage will provide storage of all company documents, so less money will be spent on maintaining servers and system administrators. There are other savings options.

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Re: Modern Intranet for your company

Inläggav topka » sön dec 15, 2019 18:23

To successfully solve all issues within the company and configure the work of all employees, it makes sense to use the software from the company Bitrix. They have almost everything that would work successfully and be leaders in any field of business. Very convenient, you can make a shop or forum. And so same with steeply have made best software for project management. Here so at all can be whole group work over any projects. Any member of the company can create projects and solve them together. It is also convenient to work with documents. Yes and chat well thought out. So I recommend to study the work of Beatrix and start to do things more successfully. Already millions of people have chosen Bitrix. And you?

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Re: Modern Intranet for your company

Inläggav Mekted » sön dec 15, 2019 21:07

I also want to add to the above that the Bitrix24 system is implemented according to the principle of an information system in which each participant can use the tools he needs. A total of 12 of them are compatible with each other solutions that automate the structure or organization of a process. The result was a convenient and affordable CRM-system for managing the company.

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Re: Modern Intranet for your company

Inläggav Zebetta » mån dec 16, 2019 8:26

The transition to Bitrix24 can be compared to moving to another office: you need to collect everything to transport and unpack it in a new place without losing anything. Any company has its own document management system, familiar communication technologies and client base business process implementation skills, and all this will need to be transferred to Bitrix24.

Isabelle J Owen
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Re: Modern Intranet for your company

Inläggav Isabelle J Owen » mån feb 10, 2020 12:40

Why is it easy for some to implement Bitrix 24, while others cannot change their usual routine ???
Right start
There are actions that give the maximum effect at the start of the system. And there are those that cause resistance. The first step is to connect the main channels of communication with the client: phone and mail.

It’s difficult to set aside time to study the system
You and your colleagues have enough tasks to invest time in studying the system. And without this knowledge, it’s difficult to quickly and easily configure Bitrix24 for yourself. You need to know how to adapt the sales funnel, the necessary fields to fill in contacts and details. Set up the appearance of company cards, contact, transaction. Deal with tasks, reports, calendar and disk. Learn to create landing pages, a beautiful newsletter and a link. Like this one:

External participation factor
It is easiest to postpone making a decision, a start date or a change in a familiar process. You have a lot of turnover. Employees are rarely happy with change. An external company will take the process into its own hands and lead you to the start. For them, this is a common task.

Implementation saves time, eliminates configuration errors and does not allow to “postpone” the issue.

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